Need Help in Getting the Job that Pays A Lot? Find the Time to Get Back to School

In the current situation, many of my fellow Davaoeños think that after college it is so much easy to find a job. I made a few friends in the nursing course department and they are so eager to go abroad as long as they keep their grades high and they will get a job in a hospital. I made friends at accountancy course department as well, and they all think the same. No doubt, a college degree is getting a chance to land a job. Let me say that again, a chance to land a job. Why did I say chance? Getting a chance because you are not the only graduate of that course.

In my j0b as a marketing assistant, I go to schools and conduct career orientation on the medical transcription industry. When I was at this school, the orientation was conducted for the Business Administration Graduating Students, these soon-to-be-graduates assumes they can have their business after college. I don't blame them that's how schools taught us to think which is really right.

First thing you should do is find a job that will help you raise up the money. The next question to that is how can you raise such funds when you are earning the minimum wage and it is just enough to get you through the 15 days.

So you made a plan. Save now and do business later. The next question again, how long?

Some with enough savings thought of getting a masteral degree. Others apply for work outside. Others worked for an industry that is not really in line with their course.

My point is find a time to go back to school wherein it does not cost you that much and you are sure that you can get a job after. Whatever course that be, make it a point that you are no longer wasting your time and money on something that you will have to wait for years before you can get a decent income. That's my point of view, what's your point of view? Leave your comments.

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