How Much Do You Spend Time for Blogging?

I'm a blogomaniac (if there is such kind of word). I spent every two hours of my morning routine to read blogs, write my own blogs and then read and write again. If I am in the mood to write down what's on my mind, if I am not restricted to what should and would I write, I would basically write down anything what is on my mind and what I say and think about others who are mean to me and good to me.

Blogging for me again is writing down what is on my mind. I wish to stick to my definition but I have to consider others feelings too. One day I kept on writing and writing and then there was a reaction. I do not personally want to attack them but in their end they think I was talking about them. Yeah, yeah it is true, one thing is sure for me though I did not mention any name.

Anyway, that was long time ago. Here I am asking you; how much do you spend time for blogging? No matter how long you stay and read my blog, the question is are you getting something from it? I would love to hear from you. Write down your comments.

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