Dunkin Donuts: My Own Experience

After going through the usual daily routine of a walking marketer, I went inside the mall to get a cold drink and at the same time make myself cold. I ordered first at McDonalds, my favorite Coke Float. I asked for so many ice and sat at the corner where the AC is near and where it is colder. But I got too cold so I went out and ordered Hot Chocolate at Dunkin Donuts.

First thing you've noticed is the spelling of the "Medium" sized soft drink. Instead of "medium" they spell it "madium". Well of course it is wrong, and in marketing one of the crucial mistakes is when you commit mistakes and you know that it can easily be seen by the eye. A company's brand and image not only lies on the good choice of name but on the place you are situated, the choice of words and how you write it. There are a lot to consider but in Dunkin Donuts' sake, a simple mistake in spelling turns out to be a bad image for them. Aside from the lack of good customer service, and a clean place to eat, Dunkin Donuts has not made any corrections on that spelling and for me, it brings down their credibility.

As a marketing person, my first goal when I get to the office is to take a look at how clean the lobby is. This is the first place at MTC Academy that clients will take a look at. Second to that is if everyone is putting a smile on their faces. Third to that is making sure marketing collaterals such as flyers, brochures, tapraulins and others are clean. Even if the words are checked before they are printed I keep on reading them.

I wonder, how come Dunkin Donuts is still around? Well, they make good donuts. What do you think? Write down your comments, it will be a great thing to share not just to me but to others as well.

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