How do People Get Paid When They Do Blogging?

Always wanted to earn extra with what I have at home. What do I have at home? Well, I have a complete set of computer and I spend more than 5 hours in the internet. If you wanna count how much you are spending, let me count it to you.

(Davao Setting)
1. Electricity - 1,000 a month
2. Internet Usage - 999 a month
3. Computer or Equipment Depreciation - 100 a month
4. Hours spent - 4 hours no income (not so productive hours)

Total = 2,099 monthly

8,000 monthly income - 2,099 expenses (for internet surfing) = 5,001 gross income (because I have to pay taxes and SSS and Philhealth and Pag-ibig Contribution)

I would spend 26% of my salary on internet usage alone. Imagine that as a big spender. I don't spend much time shopping but I am actually like shopping every pay day.

A lot of Filipinos are thinking of ways on how to earn extra. I do hope I am helping you through this post.

Using your very own internet connection and your computer at home, you can earn extra through blogging. Create your account with Blogger or with Wordpress. You can join BlogRush or PayperPost service. Join Google Adsense or at least browse and read blogs that offers help on how to monetize your blog online.

It is not simple. It took me 3 months to study and do research on my own. Remember, there is no harm in trying.


reyna elena said...

hay naku hunee,

this is what i preach my nephews and nieces back home, instead puro hingi nang pera whatever! antatamad! and to think that they have internet connections and everything, i tell them how much i earn on blogging grrrr! bigay ko sayo address, upakan mo ngaaaa!!

Culture Shiok! said...

Hahaha! Listen to the Queen!

Again, PayPerPost or Blogvertise

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