Are You A Marketing Assistant that Needs HELP?

I am on my first year with MTC Academy and I never thought I can work this long in a company where details are very important. In my position there are a lot of details.

From the very beginning I started I already admitted I NEED HELP on this. I go through books and articles to keep my mind awake and alive on what to do and how to do it. Especially when I need to build a brand and keeping that brand in the minds of clients and prospects. Then my next job is if it's on the minds of the clients I need to keep the MTC brand on the clients top list. So that's how the story will go and will still go on and on, repeating everything and adjusting everything I have done and embracing a new idea on how it should be done.

Are you a marketing assistant the needs help? One website that I like reading the most is blogs.bnet.com. They got a lot of articles for different topics and I have an idea that these people that who's writing on bnet are mostly marketing people.

Bnet people led me to another website where I got this new idea of Interactive Marketing from IMediaconnection.com. Clients and prospects love it when they get to try it. Done are the days of orienting people, but don't just push that behind, it is the era wherein people would like to try the product hands on. What is your industry? Do you want to share about it? Leave a comment

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