Getting Creativity on Paper

In marketing, you need to know how to draw your creativity on paper especially when you are in advertising. Everyone of us can be creative. Many can't verbalize it in words. Many can't implement such creativity into drawing for better understanding.

I do get the problem sometimes. Before it is hard because I have to create a cartoon out of nothing. I have to select only those that can be used and most of the times, the pictures that I got from the Internet is a picture of so many background and so many other things included which is not going to be included in my lay-out. As a lay-out artist, I have to cut those parts that are not included. Sometimes, you couldn't get a better picture because the file is too small. In that case, you got to make a picture in your own.

I hate it when I am disappointed and the reason I am disappointed because of myself and no other than me. It is the worst part of being a one-man department. You go with your creativity but in the end you are not contented.

It is part of marketing though, but at the end of the day, I am quite happy how things worked out. It only mean I am capable of doing more things as to the usual that I do. Creative does not stop of thinking, but to be able to write it down and to even lay it out to impress your boss is needed. Marketing is action. What are you going to do when you are given this, do you move or you just stare at it and dream about it?

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