Love it. Hate it. Dump it.

Nobody would love to do something for the rest of his life. Nobody wants to do the same as the others do. Not all would accept such stupid proposal (sorry for the word).

There are a lot of people interested in medical transcription but they don't want to pursue the course. Why? Only because they've been to college once and they'd vow not to go back again. Correct me if I am wrong, but they think going back to a training facility once more is a sign that you are in school again. They would wanna try it but they can't afford to lose time and money once more for an unclear future in the industry.

A lot would say, you'll never know if you try, or to see is to believe. What is there to believe for when you don't believe in yourself? What is there to try for when you do not try it yourself?

Well I guess it is human nature when you wanted to have something but you don't want to go through it the hard way. You would want it as easy as possible. Another one said, try not to feed him with a fish let him catch his own fish. How do you do that? Move people!

You got to make the first step. Even if you are in the medical transcription industry or not you got to make the first move to get what you want.

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