Let's Make Up Some Numbers

The medical transcription industry is currently suffering from lack of skilled medical transcriptionist to do the job. Although the work does not require you have a medical background, most people think that way. Filipinos think that you need to type fast in order to do the job. They also think that since computer lessons were not taught to them when they were in college, the job is only for the young generation.

In the book of 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell, one of the characteristics a person should have is Positive Attitude. If you believe you can, you can.

In the industry I am in, the medical transcription industry, it is not about the guts to learn how to type or if I am required to go back to a training school, it is about earning for a living. In this industry there is no discrimination, no age limit, irregardless of what is your educational background, you can be hired. If you know how to speak and write in English, teachable, committed and a person who wants to earn big in less than 5 years as a home-based medical transcriptionist.

Let us make up some numbers here. We mumble on there is no work available for us, government is not doing their part. Ask yourself, do I need to change? I would love to hear your side. Leave your comments.

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