Paying Tribute to the September 11

It was still fresh in my mind when I was watching a late night show and then they station has to stopped it because there was a breaking news. The news was an airplane hit the world known World Trade Center.

It was shocking to see that happened. It was all sudden. Nobody expected it to happen. Then a few minutes the second plane hit the other building. Now causing it to rumble down to the ground.

I would like to give a big shout out to all of those who died saving some people's lives. Those who are buried down, and to those whom after has helped the families of the departed. It was indeed to show that no matter how hard times are, and even if it wasn't your family on that building, hundreds or even thousands of firefighters and policemen and women tried to helped. For those who helped without asking something in return.

I would like to hear your shout out. Post it in. It would best to let them know that we care even if we are not part of their country.

This time I am not going to say God Bless America, but I would rather say God Bless the People who helped wholeheartedly.

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