Rate this Book: " Guerilla Marketing" Part 2

Traditional marketing identifies the heavy weapons of marketing: radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, and the Internet. Guerrilla marketing identifies two hundred weapons of marketing and many of them are free.

It is not that hard to find time to search what are those freebies that we can get outside without spending too much money on marketing our products or services. The author kept on saying be creative. Think of what is outside the box and how you can do that? Imagine yourself as the customer, and think of ways to suggest to give a better service or improve the product. Entrepreneurs right now does not mean owning a business of two or more. Entrepreneurs right now only has 2-3 employees maximizing time to built a name or a service that would stand and perhaps give a lasting impression that this idea of an entrepreneur will work. In order to do that, you got to arm yourself with inexpensive materials of marketing.

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