Walking Marketer

Only because the company is starting it does not mean that you got to buy a car for some people, especially for the marketing personnel to use to be able to get to the place they are supposed to do their marketing work. In guerrilla marketing, you got to walk to be able to evangelize your service. It is indeed a good exercise, but most people won't do what I am doing now.

If given the chance I would like to ask for a car so that I can use the car whenever I would do follow up and courtesy calls to my clients. Unfortunately, even a taxi ride, my company can afford it but due to cut budget, I am only allowed to use the jeepney ride.

During my first days at this company, I am so tired. Bloody hell! An 8 hours of sleep is not enough for a 5 hours marketing adventure everyday.

I love my job. It keep me updated, alert, and energetic all the time. I am a walking marketer. I don't care. Walking keep me in shape too. This is how I do my guerrilla marketing.

What about you? Are you a walking marketer like me?

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