Blogging: Right or Privilege?

I've read Mr. Blogie's blog "The problem with bloggers" and it is quite striking for me because I use bloggin to let out my feelings for something. Reasons maybe because I'm pissed off or I'm in love. I just don't see the point of picking out what is other peoples lives is all about. Let say, the celebrities, I read blogs that is totally not so right at all. If one comment in Yugatech.com says,
Marie B. says:

(I can’t resist throwing in my 2 cents, so here it goes…)

The word “privilege”, legally speaking and as used by most people, implies something that is granted by authority.

Rights are more fundamental and speak to our innate sense of what is good, proper, just, or “natural”.

Granted, there is an apparent confusion with these terms (”privileges” are sometimes equated with “rights”). But when both concepts are used within the same discussion, what differentiates them, I believe, is that there is an “authority” that bestows privileges; privileges too, are not conferred to all.

To wit: All people have the right to blog. It’s just that the “privileged” are the ones able to do it (this situation, however, does not change the nature of blogging being a right).

wherein I agree. It is true. Blogging is like freedom of speech. It is true also that blogging nowadays, are being used by most journalist. Either or, blogging really is for everyone but to make the freedom granted to us to speak what's in our mind, is also a responsibility to create blogs that does not make us look stupid in the end. Duh! Whether you got money to have internet connection at home and you make yourself look stupid in your blogs then I do believe blogging is not a right nor a privilege for you. Use it to help others not to bring down others.

I say, I do commit mistakes in writing down my blog. I can also say, that's my art when it comes to blogging. But hey, it is my right and I got the privilege. It is my right to commit mistakes.

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