I Say Walk The Talk

I've read an article on the I.T. Talks by Blogie Robillo, and it make me wanna shout out and make this post.

Is Davao really prepared for this sudden influx of BPO? Do we have necessary manpower, particularly in the case of medical transcription? Transkripsyo, Inc., is a medical transcription company and we all know this kind of profession is doing medical documents which needs a couple of months of training, even for a medical background professional or allied medical professional. If it's gonna be call center industry then we don't have a problem with manpower. If it's going to be medical transcription then we need to have a lot of graduates of basic medical transcription course.

It is not surprising that Manila is now looking at Davao as an option. If you would also take a glance at the current population, all schools are offering allied medical courses, one example is the nursing course. It will not be impossible that all school will soon integrate basic medical transcription subjects into their curriculum. Not only that, computer related courses, it can also be integrated to their curriculum.

MTC Academy's main branch is already doing the school integration program, wherein the basic medical transcription course with the current curriculum of the school will be integrated so that a student will graduate with a certificate competency from the basic medical transcription course and a diploma from the 4 or 5 year course she or he took up.

As part of MTC, you would be asking why are we doing it? Yeah...yeah...money making is part of it but we need to WALK THE TALK. Transcription companies currently have a contract abroad to do medical transcriptions for them, if we can't be producing quality graduates of the basic medical transcription course then we can't produce transcriptions for clients and we'll lose our contracts.

In Blogie's article, the way I understand it, everyone needs to participate. Why I'm making the MTC Academy School Integration Program an example because for an industry or a company to bring up its name to the nation and to the world, it needs to start from the core. Like what Blogie is doing, never giving up on the idea, even though there are issues to be resolved. Davao has a lot to offer, and if it's just gonna be Blogie's job to tell the world that then no one will ever notice Davao. If we are all there and participate, then that idea would not be just an idea but am empire where Davao can be proud of.

(I hope I make sense)


Blogie said...

Hello Hunee! Thanks for your insights, and yes, you do make sense. But I'm not the only one moving within Davao's I.T. industry. There are quite a few who've been very active in promoting Davao to the world. :)

Hunee's Blog said...

I say: I shout to the world that I am a DavaoeƱo and in Davao IT ROCKS!

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