My Journey to Mati

It was planned long time ago. Actually, the first plan was to go island hopping in Samal. We have to reschedule that one.

June 9, 2007, Saturday before we left Davao. It was the day when everyone felt "hey, we should be busy" kinda thing. Rushing to buy things to bring to Mati. I've never been to Mati, I decided to sleep at Michelle's house just to be sure that I will be early. Slept at around 2am and woke up at around 4:30am. Took a bath, help prepare things for lunch. I was a little concern with Kuya Dax, he has to be at Michelle's house early before we will leave for Mati. At 5:30am, the ride was here.
Left Davao at around 6am. We got to Madaum, Tagum, at 7am. Wow! Going and going, arrived at Pantukan, Banay banay, Lupon then Mati! With all the zigzag roads and the dinasour island, it was the craziest ride ever.

When we were at Mati, we've met with Ms. Weng at the the public market. Drive to her place at Cahandig, change a little and then took off again to Waniban Island. Nice beach! Love to stay here but they say there are sharks in the deep blue sea water of Waniban.

At dark, there are no light post at all. Dark and scary but real nice for bonfire and some marshmallows and some star gazing. Whewww....had to sleep because I will cook breakfast for everyone.

I prepared breakfast around 5:30 am, walk around the beach, saw some sea urchins and star fish. Seaweeds, and all corals. You can see a lot of fish. I wanted to swim but I have to go back and make breakfast.

Champorado for breakfast and some dilis. I need to get a nap after all these.

We left right after eating the last meal, lunch, and off again to Davao.

This was a great road trip.

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