What's the Big Idea?

A lot of us for sure has been thinking of what to do. What's the big idea? I've seen this blog of Dane Carlson about business opportunities. I got a lot of idea in my mind but I'm too scared to say it out. I don't know if others will laugh at it or worse they would never listen. I can bare the laughter but I can never think of a time that no one is listening to me.

What's the Big Idea? It simply denotes that a smallest idea ever can be a big one. The way I understand it, as an entrepreneur you got to think big. Think out of the box. Don't stop there, move along and bring it along. You'll never know, you'll pick up a pot of gold along the way.

Did anyone remember the story of a boy with his horse walking because he was told to go to a place to do some work but he could not remember the place. (Nah...So it was just my mother's another made up story) He went along, walking and helping people. He found a hut with a carpenter making a chair. He couldn't make it right only because he was too old. The boy knows how to do it so he helped the old man. He made the most beautiful chair, and even the person on the chariot noticed it. Offered to buy it, and the boy said, "No sir. It is for the old man." So the gentleman said, " You got a great heart, lad. Here, take this piece of gold and buy yourself a lot of wood to make a chair and I will return to buy them all."

I hope you like the story and you do get what I was trying to say. I'm just saying it out loud now. Now that's they big idea.

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