A Talk with Lloyd and Nancy

Confused and bothered with what is happening around me. A little annoying that you didn't know what's going on. Started with the request that is so big deal to someone. I thought it wasn't a big issue but it turned out to be a big thing because someone got hurt.

Honestly, there are a lot of times that I wondered why they keep shouting when before I would hear them say "Tone down your voices because Hunee is sleeping". Then again I thought they respected the fact that I really need my sleep. One day, they began speaking in loud voices as if they were too far from each other. Most of the times I would be wide awake 12mindnight or earlier because I can hear them speak a loud already. And I get pissed off. Before I was told, "That's ok, you should be the one who should adjust." or "Let them be." I did! I shouldn'd be the only one adjusting but everyone else.

So what's the connection with the computer thingy? I just requested that my computer be turned off for at least an hour because the bios has errors. Bottom line, it's the battery inside that is losing power. I need to buy a new one. To avoid burn, or short circuit, better you have to take care of it before it will happen.

Mixed it all up, ending, hurtfully ever after. Everyone is hurt. I am too, especially when you are told "I got a lot of respect for her because I live in her house." What do you mean? I don't care whatever is the answer. I may be pissed off before only because someone woke me up with a bit loud voice and it is happening again and again. And since I don't have anybody to hear me out, I write blogs. What's wrong with that. Ending, don't mixed it all up. It has nothing to do with the past.

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