Selling the Idea? How?

How do you define IDEA? Is it something that is in our mind, and we thought this could help us. Perhaps if this thing exist then it'll make things easy for us, we can do a lot of work load if this is present right now. How do we make the idea into reality?

In the case of a service company, how would you know their service is great if you don't try them out. How would you sell the idea then? They don't see your product, how to make them believe that is good for you. You make make money out of it. You can bring down your expenses with this. You can double your money in this one.

Everyday is marketing day. A simple decision on what to wear is a marketing work. How to tell your mom that you are gonna be late because you have an assignment and you would be spending a lot of time inside the library is another marketing work.

Almost everyone I knew does not like my job. I sell an idea that those who would want to change career, take up medical transcription course and after two years you go home base and earn more.

Honestly, it is difficult. I love what I do and this is a dream job although I don't have any background on what I'm trying to sell. Since I love it, I got to learn it on my own. Selling this idea starts from loving your job, self study, dedication and persistence, and continously talk to one person and another. See it's simple.

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