The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Good thing about marketing is that you are going to meet different kind of corporate people. You get to learn from them, you mingle with them. You got inspired because they dress and talk confidently and they do research before they talk about something because if they don't study they'll look stupid in front of other people.

The bad thing about being in the marketing is that the other SIDE of it is money. It is like, if you are not doing your job then you are fired. The money side I was telling you about is the fact that in marketing we do a hell lot of things just to get in some money for the company. It is good for the company and good for some marketing people.

The ugly side of it is that there are some marketing personnel who does not care about the other END of it are the customers or client. This I call, Customer Satisfaction. Some marketing people would like to see things only for the company and for their security on the job. To market does not happen on an overnight, it'll happen not now, not tomorrow, not the next month.

Our boss push us to the bottom where we are not comfortable, because we've never been to that place. We'll never get to know what's in that uncomfortable place unless we get in to it, and if we do we will be able to answer them.

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