And the Story goes...

Call it calm, lonely, whatever you may want to call it or whatever adjective you want to use. You may want to say, "Her? She's just thinking 'bout something." Really, I am thinking. You can ask why, what's on my mind and stuff.

Do you ask permission when you borrow things?

Since it was there, you'd rather use it and then bring it back to where it was placed?

Let say, you got this very useful thing and it can be used by just anybody. Would you be mad and wonder a little why that person just took that useful thing without asking permission from you?

Another thing is that, that person says he told your comrade about borrowing it. Would you be mad at that?

Everyday stories are made up of little decisions that we do in every minute of the day that would lead to a reaction, feelings, emotion and would lead us to thinking especially when we were overuled with anger because we did not permit such thing to happen. Well, we don't care if the situation make us happy. Would it be best that even if we are happy we think deeply about it too?

In the story of saying sorry and thank you. We say sorry all of those times that we've hurt someone because we broke his watch but we seldom say thank you to someone who lend us his watch. I salute to those who frequently say thank you.

One comment was said and done. It'll hurt you nor make you smile. We don't like comments but we know it'll make us strong and it'll help us grow. But everything has it's right timing. When it is too much don't wait for the right time, say it loud. If it's definitely the right time then say it.

Been there done that. Don't you agree?

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