I started the day with so much thoughts on how to make myself more dependable for my work. When I was at the office, I do my usual routine ( I hate this very much but I don't have a choice) I read the communications log book and read "Everyone, marketing materials arranged properly!". WTF! Although it was written, Everyone, I still didn't like the fact that it is directly pointed on me because I'm the only one in the marketing "DEPARTMENT". Yet, everyone has this multi-tasked job, that they can be part of the marketing DEPARTMENT also. With the job contract and the organizational chart I'm the only one in the marketing DEPARTMENT. If anyone did not arranged the marketing materials properly then it'll go back at me since there is no one else in the DEPARTMENT. I hate it because it was not pointed out directly to the person responsible and you have to take it because you are in charge of it and for those who lend their hands to help marketing DEPARTMENT and left some pieces for me to pick up.

Take me. Drown me. Sooner I will be over this.

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