Capital Times

In the increase awareness of what technology can do to us, we consistently adopt to what is higher than be contented with what we have in the present. In the market, recently, there is a new digital camera that is 10.0 megapixels which means the higher the pixels, better is the resolution. I don't know exactly what it can do to a person but it's the fad. This is what's going on around.

Like in the university, I know they don't like to bring notebooks and they would rather type it out in their laptops. Inside coffee houses or cafe's, instead of talking to someone, you can see one person on his laptop doing something. Coffee house is a venue where you can have coffee with your friends and talk. Well, yeah you are talking to a friend online.

Sending SMS, widely known as text messaging, is another thing. Instead of calling, you'd rather send out a lot of text messages to someone. Now there's a new thing, MMS, you can send colored pictures to someone with or without text. And alas, the video calling. Isn't it great?

If you go back to history, you'll traced it from the remote control for tv, there's washing machine, there's the blender, juice maker, vendo machine, mobile phones with camera, ipod, and so on and so on. If you wanna take a look at the bottom part of why we are inventing all these, because we are lazy. I am lazy too, most of the times, because I used almost everything that was mentioned earlier.

This is what had happened in the capital times. In marketing we call this innovation for better customer service. In reality, everyone really is not satisfied with what is in the present. We continue to look for something better and convenient. That's being human.

Capital times keeps on bringing up a new things for human to enjoy and be satisfied for a little time. I say, evolution of human beings, from a wandering nomad to a techy street smart executive.

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