Technopreneurship for Medical Transcription

Wednesday, June 20th, Ateneo de Davao University. Memorandum of Agreement signed by MICT 6, Davao City Chamber of Commerce, Inc., and Mindanao Business Club at the 7th floor boardroom of AdDU. It was my first time to attend such meeting of Technokapihan. They were talking about an elective subject in schools like Ateneo, UM, SPC and others, and that subject is Technopreneurship. It seems to me all these schools are universities and colleges and there is no tech-voc school included in it.

In MTC Academy Davao, we always do an Entrepreneurship Seminar for those who wanted to put up a business in medical transcription. Good thing Mrs. Wit Holganza, President of Transcription Alliance of Davao, Inc., raised the question if its possible to have a Technopreneurship subject also with the tech-voc school. It could be a great deal for those who are starting home based medical transcription, and it'll widen the awareness of what is medical transcription. Students from different universities can make softwares for medical transcription. Isn't it great? Wow! People of different sector in Davao are working hand in hand to make a mark for Davao.

Mr. Blogie Robillo was there, a representative of PESO (Philippine Emerging Startups Open) was there also. These people dedicated themselves to technology on how to bring up the enthusiam to make business because they believe everyone has an idea and that idea should be made real for others to benefit also.

I never knew it would come this way for Davao. One advocacy that I told myself is to at least make the Davao graduates stay in Davao instead of going some place else.

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