I therefore conclude, is the latest state of the art...

Really? Damn gurl! It was never state of the art, it is persistence and love for work. I personally like the blog of Piropos; "A Pinoy Biker's Philippine Rural Adventures". It talks about loving what you do.

At any workplace, I've noticed, when one is assigned to do something and if it's not inclined with what she or he do frequently, it looks like it is too heavy and too difficult to do.

When you do something, you got to have a passion that would come along with it so that you can do it real good. When you do it just because you are required to do it, then it won't turn out good. Conclusion: Damn gurl!

Love what you do. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi HunneeBear,
I think I haven't thanked you yet for this nice comment and link. Thanks a lot and keep on blogging doing what you do with passion and dedication.

Hunee's Blog said...

Hi! Whoever you are, you are so welcome. Do keep giving me comments so I can make my blogging better thanks!

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