My New Found Online Friends

Blogging is nice. Actually, it makes you get near to people from the other side of the world. Blogging is for everyone. But how can everyone knew about blogging when we don't invite our friends to blog? I personally invited my cuz to blog because I know she loves to write about something, about anything. Blogging would be a nice thing to do in your spare time other than forwarding chain letters through emails. Blogging can be personal, it can be about travel, technology or anything under the sun.

Personally what I've learned from blogging is that, I can make friends through the cheapest way possible. I was able to erase my negative thoughts about other people because when someone writes its blog thought, I know it came from the heart (except if you just copied it from the other blog, which is not good at all). Blogging is a mirror to yourself. It is more to chatting online. More to writing emails. It is you. You as a person. You as a human being.

I am proud to be a DavaoeƱo, and I am also proud to be a friend to someone online who is now my new found online friends.

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