Everyone seems to find marketing job as exciting, fun, rush hours kinda stuff. You wanna keep doing things every minute of the working day. Seems like the work of Jack Bauer.

Marketing is never easy. But once you get the hang of it, things will go smoothly. Daily reports to weekly to monthly reports. Don't forget the progress report or else you won't get your boss smile. There's the competitors report, knowing what's in and out the market. Who's going down and who's the newbie.

Once you do marketing, the first person to sell your product is to yourself. You'll never get to sell it to others if you're not sold out to it. The second person to sell the product to is to your family. Why? Well they are most likely will be the one who will support you all the way through your endeavor of convincing people to buy your product. There should be someone agreeing to what you are saying.

Products can be intangible or tangible. It can only be an idea or the thing itself. Whatever is your product, don't sell it if it's illegal. Make sense?

Oh well, my marketing job started a little bit rocky but I hold on, and I will go on. I didn't get my target though.

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