Ms. Fabulous!

Juliana, my dear blog friend, left a message saying I shouldn't miss what's on her blog. So I said, Ok I'll check it today. I did check her blog but my dear Teddy Bear was online and I miss him so much so I have to talk to him. He's in California and as much as we wanted to be with each other and talk often as possible, we barely get time to just sit down and tell stories of what had happened for each one of us. I'm sorry Juliana, I saw the post but I haven't read it yet, until now.

I would say you were the Ms. Fabulous and thank you for giving me that award. It was so nice of you to give me the same award.

By the way, I have met Juliana over the internet. We are both Filipino and she's married and she's in New York. I do hope when I get to the US I will get to meet her.

1 comment:

My World said...

hi Hunee!

oh my! i certainly don't deserve to get one whole post on your blog. nahiya naman ako(*blush*).

thanks for this post, hunee nakaka-lambot ng puso.

take care always. hope to see you nga when you come to the US. kailan ba?


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