Spro Coffee Shop

Saturday night and nothing to do at home. It is the usual weekend when an employed person like me would want to have some fun but not the noisy kind of fun. Personally, I don't like to go to bars or anything with dim lights and you can't see nothing else but guys in their best look because girls are dressed up pretty sexy. Make up and perfume and their little bags with credit card in it and some tissues and make up kit for retouch later at the bathroom.

Who would enjoy such thing when you don't drink beer at all. So, while I am making the menu lay-out for my dear friend, I tried the Ham and Egg Sandwich at Spro. Ham and Egg is so yummy and very much healthy. Vegetables are crunchy and I personally like the tomato. Good job Mike and Len.

I tried the Club Sandwich as well. Wow! One slice for me is ok. I am full. I can't eat more than that. Two slices for Ham and Egg and one slice of Club Sandwich. I need to spell that with capital letters just to give emphasis.

Oh yeah, before I forgot, I've read an article over a local newspaper and it so happened that I have read the same article over the internet. That's plagiarism! Copying from someone else's write up. Daily - - - - - - 's editor should check the work of your journalist, or are you really doing that just to make your paper thick?

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