Crying Out Loud

It is a burden. I don't have anybody to share the burden with or at least someone to listen to me whining.

I always see blogging as my way of letting out the feelings that I have kept inside. I am not the one who would want to call on to someone and beg for them to lend me their ears. I would keep it all to myself because even if I would tell it to someone, that person could not help me at all.

It has been the usual situation when it has become bigger it will be passed on to me. I got to make the decision. This is not just the time when I have to face 2-3 big time situations but this time I guess, is the hardest since I don't have the proximity of reach to the 2 situations.

I don't want to quit. I am not a quitter at all. I don't want to just let it be, or see what will happen. Even though I was not the one who made the first move, I should not bother to think about it at all. I got to give it an attention because it is my responsibility.

Just cry it out loud dear. It will be over soon and it will be answered. If it is not answered then prepare yourself for it because in every despair there will always be something good that will come out of it.

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