If There is Web 2.0, IBM Make Its Own Info 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of web-based communities and hosted services, such as social networking, wikis, and other stuff, which aim to facilitate collaboration and sharing between users. It is like the world wide web is changing not physically but the changes are from the web-developers and the end-users that uses the web.

From the article:

"Info 2.0 is going to bring together a variety of information sources," Picciano said. As part of its Info 2.0 push, IBM on Tuesday introduced a preview of IBM Mashup Starter Kit, for building mashup applications and bearing Info 2.0 characteristics.

"We're putting Web 2.0 to work with Info 2.0," Picciano said.

It doesn't make sense at all. Looks like they both function the same. But when it comes to the terms used, Info 2.0 is better because it says it all. Information is what we get from the world wide web, no offense to those who made the term Web 2.0.

As long as the Info 2.0 will help us all, why not. Maybe it'll be another web revolution.

If you want to read the short article, clich H-E-R-E.

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