And Then Yahoo Loves Mybloglog Too

I don't know who bought first but I have seen Mybloglog changed. It is now part of the Yahoo family.

There are a lot of things that you can do with the internet and earn while you are doing it. I am sure the maker of these sites did not start that big. It just turned out that they all love to do one thing. Make new websites wherein people will love it, adore that site, recommend that site, and when you got a lot of users SELL it.

There is another thing that I've noticed in between; If Yahoo will buy one, Google will buy another. The heat continue to rise up as to who is the king of the World Wide Web. Who's also trying to beat Ebay? In the local seen, is it DavaoSale? Maybe.


jc said...

When will I be able to afford at least one major internet acquisition?


Hunee's Blog said...

GO JC!!! Save now!!! hehehehehe

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