Leader: An Influencer?

In the 21st century, people are hooked into gaming and internet and even an office worker would spend his or her one hour break just to read blogs on the net, or update his Facebook profile. In the era of the tech-capital times, a coffee shop no longer function as a place where friends meet. A coffee shop is a place for people with laptops or mac books.

How can a leader give such influence when everyone is in front of the computer and would just surf the internet for some good articles on leadership, sales and etc.?

The person whom I can say the most influential person in my life is John Maxwell. Of course my parents are always there to guide me but John Maxwell, even if I don't know him in person, has influenced me through his books. If only I have extra money to buy all his books, I would love to collect his books and wouldn't matter to me if I will read it again and again.

Even if the time would keep on changing, laptops here and everywhere; Google competing with Yahoo or Microsoft; Google biggest earner in the stock market; or the CEO of Facebook is once a hacker; Britney Spears' kids are no longer with her. Irregardless of what is happening, each individual influences those that are watching them, that signed up for their own social networking sites.

They maybe a good or bad leader to someone else, they have influenced and they have been a leader in their own right.

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