Linux Will Soon Overrule Windows?

This one is for free, the other one you have to pay for it. Only few are users of this desktop application, the other one I think there are a billion of users. This one is Linux the other one is Windows.

Scared to do the switch? I am. Ever since I was introduced to Windows, I fell in love with it. Although I have to admit it was not that friendly (that is in my own opinion). Maybe the reason why I love using Windows is because I've grown to using Windows the entire 8 years of being an addict to computer. Then again, this is what we mostly use in offices, in the university before, and this is what we use when we are at the cafe and even on laptops.

The very first person who introduces me to Linux was Jerry Dunn. But I was able to see Linux Desktop Application when Cayce Marston, my cousin's special person, brought it with him from Canada to Davao. I don't want to browse it because I would like to stick to one application where I am most acquainted to.

Reading other articles of Ubuntu or Linux, it is quiet a surprise that this application was just as easy to use as the Windows Desktop Application. Hmmm......no wonder why computer shops are giving it for free because you can download Linux for free in the internet. Besides, when you buy a computer set you need to buy the Windows installer and it cost pretty much. You might be glued to spending only Php 20,000 but it does not come with the desktop application installer.

I haven't use Linux yet but definitely I will. Maybe when I have time to download it from the net. I wonder how easy would it be to set it up? Hakuna matata! (I hope.)

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