Facebook Addict?

Boink introduced me Facebook.com. It is a new networking site like Friendster.com and Myspace.com. Friendster is known to Filipinos but not Facebook. I am not an addict to both nor to Myspace. If you define, being hooked to something is the same as the word addict, then I am a Facebook addict.

Wait, I was not clear about what I just said. In my own definitions, I do log in at Facebook.com sometimes but I do not spend more than an hour in the site. But yes, I am hooked to Facebook more than being hooked to Friendster.com or Myspace.com.

Even though the two executives, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Myspace CEO Rupert Murdoch, are fighting over who's the leader, waiting for a billion dollar deal with Google, Microsoft or with Yahoo, what is so much obvious is that everyone right now is into social networking. A networking wherein we all know, will come to an end and these guys does not care of how it is going to end but they care more of what they can earn and then maybe later on improve their individual site.

Now, whether you are a Facebook, Friendster or Myspace user, you got to sign up for all these sites. They are all great sites to meet people, to find your lost friends and keeping in touch with your families abroad.

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