Google-Microsoft War Over Facebook: And The Winner is?

A drop of jaw when I first read the article from Infoworld;

Update: Facebook chooses Microsoft over Google

Microsoft will purchase a $240 million minority stake in Facebook as well as become its exclusive third-party ad platform

$240 million for Mark Zuckerberg! From a hacker, to a drop out, to a CEO. So that's why Mark said; "We are both happy."

In the article:

The size of the ownership stake Microsoft will take during Facebook's next round of financing puts Facebook's valuation at a whopping $15 billion. Google had reportedly been courting Facebook as well.

In addition to the ownership piece, Microsoft will also extend its existing agreement to provide banner ads to Facebook in the U.S. With this deal, Microsoft will become Facebook's exclusive third-party ad platform as well as provide Facebook ads internationally.

Facebook was founded in 2004, it currently has about 49 million active users today. Over half of its active members are daily users. Some 59 percent of its users are outside the territory of United States.

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