An Officer Refuses to Help Someone

After attending the 1st Mindanao Bloggers Summit, I saw a Police Officer refusing to help a lady who just needs someone to help her bring the materials she got from the 4th floor to the ground. All she was asking was a few strong arms to carry a wooden box.

Alright, the lady was me. The company I am working with is part of the Mindanao ICT Congress. I was tasked to bring back to the office all the materials that we've brought to the congress. I've asked help from fellow officemates but no one came for the rescue because there were clients in the office that is, well it is business so clients are more important.

I came up to the table where policemen were drinking coffee and reading local newspapers. I've asked, "Can someone help me bring some stuff downstairs?". The first answer was, "Yes mam."

When I was waiting, they came up to me and said, "Mam, pangit kasi tingnan na naka-uniform kami and magbitbit ng gamit ng isang private...public ho kami para lang po sa public...."

I thought .... "WTF! WHAT!"

All I am asking was a help to carry down some things using an elevator then to the taxi. I didn't ask for you to carry it like on your shoulders and use the stairs.

I know they are for the public and I ain't asking in behalf of the company I am working with but for my side who is alone and a lady who has to carry 2 tarpaulins, a standee, a wooden box about knee high, and a big bottle like flower vase.

I am so upset of the reason they gave me that they can't help me because it is ugly to look at someone who is in uniform helping a lady working in a private company.

If you are gentleman enough to help someone who definitely needs help, would you just help her because you got to or you can't because you would look stupid or ugly in some other people's eye?

I respect the fact that they are in uniform and I don't want them to look "di kanais-nais" in front of other people, all I needed was a help to carry my things.

For the rest of the gentlemen or the so-called gentlemen, when you see a lady who needs a little muscle from you guys please don't hesitate to help.


DulceNegosyante said...
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DulceNegosyante said...

Tsk. Tsk. Sorry to hear that. I can't believe they ignored you! Do you happen to remember his name?

Oh! By the way, sorry awhile ago. I wasn't able to inform you that I'll be goin ahead. I went to the comfort room to refresh myself after the event and when I went back in the plenary hall... you're gone.

Did you went to the party? Coz I didn't. Hehehehe.

Hope to catch you again soon. Keep on bloggin'.

All the best,

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