Learnings from Donald Lim of Yehey Philippines

I listened to Aileen Apollo talking about blogging last May 2007 at the Department of Trade and Industry conference room here in Davao. I know blogging since 2004 but I haven't tried it since we don't have internet connection at home. Aileen made it clear to me that this is free and you can absolutely write anything.

October 24, 2007, my boss told me to attend the session 2 track 3 at cinema 3 of NCCC Mall, I know it is about new media and she wants me to listen to it because the company might venture into it someday. It was Donald Lim of Yehey! Philippines was the speaker. The title of the track is Innovation: New Media for Information Exchange, and it was the most informative. He even presented the whole thing Yehey! Philippines is doing. If you are a businessman attending that session you could say, "Hey! He's giving me an idea."

At the end of his presentation I was inspired to do something for my own, in order for me to earn extra and then give something to the company I am working with so that it can earn extra too.

I am a blogger and I have earned some from my blogging, although I have not reached that $100 quota of Adsense, still I can use that to post advertisements of other companies at a minimum price. And I have to stick to the goal of not making my site for flogs.

I got to do some more research and what kind of platform to use. Should I have to make my own website or should I stick to a blogger platform? Should I use Wordpress or Blogger? Hmmm....

Thanks Donald Lim!

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