Can You Really Earn from Blogging?

Like I always said, I am new to blogging. Here are things that I have learn from the few months of trying to earn extra money.

The reason why I wanted to continue blogging is that I can write possibly anything. I do restrict myself to blog only those that I think would be helpful. Through blogging, I have earned a little. Here's a tip. Normally a typical Filipino would love to earn big over night. That's is what I call Super Lotto Big Winner. In blogging, you have to write in the most honest way as possible. You could not just copy and paste someone else's blog on your blog. It is a no-no according to my friend Boink. In blogging, you have to write with emotions. No matter how attractive your Title Posts are, still nobody would like to read it. Again, you have to take a look at where you are and what you do so that it can have a connection to the blog that you are trying to make.

Let me give an example to that. I am a marketing assistant and every time I write a post for my blog I have to make it in line with what I am good at and that's how to market. I am proud to be a Filipino so I write things which can be helpful to Filipinos. I could not write about Singaporeans or other Asians nor Americans. Also, I have to consider that blogging in the Philippines is not that popular as to blogging in the United States of America. Although there are a lot of Filipino internet users but still not all have heard of blogging or at least understand blogging.

Can you really earn from blogging? Yes, you can earn from blogging. You just got to get it started and start with sense and emotions. I have earned that little because I am starting and I am positive I can earn more if I do continue to blog and not to expect to earn that big soon. Blogging is an art. For me, it is an abstract that needs a careful thinking.

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