I Signed Up for PPP!

I work for a business process outsource company and as part of the marketing team, I am tasked to establish the company's web presence. I gladly took this on since it allowed me to do one of the things I enjoy doing: blogging. I've subscribed to various blogs and I came upon topics on how to earn from blogging. These blogs keeps recommending one site: PayPerPost . I decided to give PayPerPost a try.

The first thing that impressed me with PayPerPost is the clean interface that's very easy to navigate. Registration was hassle-free and within a few minutes I was good to go. PayPerPost has made it very easy to find the opportunities that's best suited for me.

What I like about PPP is that I was able to meet some Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and it is nice to know that they are online, making blogs and at the same time earning extra. In my previous posts I have mentioned that my Mother used to be an OFW and she died in Taiwan. It was so hard to communicate with her and Mom would always find a way to earn extra. If only PPP is available when my Mom is still alive, she could be like my good friend Reyna Elena who is blogging and earning at the same time.

I love blogging and PayPerPost has given me the chance to take a crack at earning while blogging. I already have referred some of my friends to use PayPerPost as a means to monetize their own blogs.

I signed up for PPP hoping to reach out for more Filipinos abroad. I am also wishing that I earn extra like them. Who wouldn't want money anyway? For those who wouldn’t like to earn extra money, then why are you reading this post?

If I get lucky I would probably be an advertiser and not just a blogger with PayPerPost.

Sign up now!payperpost

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reyna elena said...

HAHAHA! WELCOME TO THE PPP LAND! (Land of Peter, Paul and Perry!)

You will find PPP to be the most friendly because they will ask you to edit and correct your entries and they will tell you exactly what's wrong with your entry.

Join SponsoredReview.com also. My problem with them is that, you have to bid!!! If you win the bid, you get 65%! Now, kung ang bid mo is $10, pucha mag-kakaounter bid pa! Punyemas, venchingko ang tira!

You can also join reviewme.com but my problem with them is that an taray taray nila and they will chugi you without you knowing that's why if you write for them, check your grammar, check your spelling, check your links pati na make-up mo because they will chugi you without you even knowing about it.

You can also join Text Link Ads, just insert the codes on your side bar and watch the magic hehehe!

Dami pa dyan! Read mo si carlocab.com!

I call all of these as my paglalabada and the earnings I got is actually the Php10,000 i am giving out to the winner of the OFW Slogan and Logo Contest that I am having.

Good luck! Tingin ko yayaman ka dito! Nakikta ko bolang kristal ko!

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