Transcribing for MICT

On the second day of the Mindanao ICT Congress, there were different talks at the different cinemas at NCCC Mall where the congress was held. I was tasked to listen to the session 2 track 3 which is Innovation: New Media for Information Exchange because I was one of those who volunteered to transcribe it later.

At the end of the day, 6:30pm, the recorded voice file was pass on to me for transcription. I found out I am not going to transcribe for the session that I was in to. I am going to transcribe for the session 1 track 3 which is Innovation: Knowledge Innovation. It was Mr. James Velasquez, Country Director of IBM. I was not able to listen to his whole speech so I am having difficulty transcribing. There were a couple of times when he was told to say it louder. It was recorded through a tape recorder and once it gets here at MTC Academy we have to record it again using digital recording. In the second recording, there were already other noises added to the first recording. Once you are listening to it with the earphones you are like listening to someone in the airport.

Oh well, I don't have the choice either. Anyway, I was able to finish 75 lines after 30 minutes. Truth is, that's not a good line count for a transcriptionist.

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