Millionaires at 30

It is nice to look at the list of young millionaires. I'd like to shout at Dulce for providing us the link.

The list of internet millionaires, all young, and full of ideas. They own the top websites too.

Here's the real deal to all that are striving to earn their first million. Some has the idea, they just don't have the resources. Some have the resources but have no idea at all. They might have the idea but they simply tweak other people's idea. It is not a bad thing though, an idea starts from another person. Maybe next time, you might have your very unique idea and at that time you might have the resources.

Internet may have a lot of things to offer, but I wonder, how come there was never a seminar on this? I meant, no seminars like this that is happening here in Davao? A seminar that tells us what to do and how to do it. I do not say, earn millions like the list of young Americans, but earn while being online. I must say, spending time over checking others friendster profile, can be an earning time for Filipinos.

What do you think?

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