Dumbing you Down and Down and Down

I have been to a lot of situations when I am trying to defend myself and I talk too much. I am not so sure whether I have explained it very well but because I feel I am pressured and talking, I believe, is the way to make the other understand my side. In the end, I would feel stupid at what I did.

Here's the deal. You feel you are almost caught? Well, you will be when you don't stand straight on your pajamas. Blackmail is an everyday life. It will never be eradicated, no way, no how. I know it is scary that true things will come out but what can you do about it, it is not on your hands. The person blackmailing you will do what he believes will give him what he wants to know.

Don't talk too much when you know you have not done anything. Let me say that again, you have done something but just out of curiosity. If you found a hot item then let it be don't babble about it. It does not concern you. And don't worry, you are not the only dumb in the situation. The dumbest is the blackmailer. He was just furious and he knows he has no proof about it.

Dumb people are mad. Dumb people are fools. In other words, they are the worst kind to end up with.

Disclaimer: This post is purely my own thoughts on some stupid situations that I am personally involved. If you think you are this person, think twice. Don't be dumb like me. All smiles :-)

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