What now (Heartbreak Poem) ?

By Edoria

I looked forward to sleep.
Sometimes I dream, and you are there.
And then
I realize,
Here's the reality of my life I've come to hate.
Careless whispers heated the coldness of my smile.
Once upon a time,
Long sexy strokes of confidence coloured my skin,
Because then,
You were there.
I don't know if I'll ever forget
How you made everything to me
Seem complete.
You were the passion underneath the harshness of those tidal waves.
They used to sink me and drown me.
And then,
You gave your breath to me,
And then
I tasted the sweet flavor of life.
Now, I need to break the intricate web,
You have woven around me.
Safety cradles me like a soft lullaby.
But then,
That was the only song I wanted to hear.
And then, you threw it away.
Bittersweet sensations,
Lingered like an unwanted scar.
You hid me far away from the painful truth,
And then
You tossed your heart high into the nighttime sky.
Far enough,
I cried because I couldn't see it.
Now, I look forward to sleep.
I can dream,
When you were there.
But like love insatiable,
You remain where memories call like haunting winds.

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