Moving on After Breaking Up

Whether you lost the feeling or not, the other side deserves a little honesty. You shouldn't dropped the bomb when you know there are issues to settle.

I know it is much easier to just let go and leave things unanswered. I would choose that too if and only if I don't really feel something for that person. But still I would give that person benefit of the doubt, because I know that person has feelings for me.

To be true, I am afraid this time will come. I would do everything to keep it. If I only knew it will come to this point, I should have let go. I choose to be blind, I choose not to trust my instincts but it is already not so smart to even go on.

Definitely, nobody won't see me crying. Not anymore.

I know it will be hard to understand my side for it will be bias. I would want this and that to happened but I am not going to be the one deciding whether or not to do this and that. I always have that moment when I would just think that what if this and that will happen, this is how it will going to flow. In this situation, since I am the one who was told about the truth, I am the one who would want the person concerned to tell me honestly. And then I would picture out how it will all flow if ever that person concerned will confess. It is always the opposite. I never get to have what I want and no matter how hard I worked hard on getting what I want, I will always end up hating the situation.

The good thing about me is that I am open minded. I try to see both sides and analyze each side that is why it is easier for me to forgive but I will never forget what happened.

I don't believe in friendship after the break up. I don't believe in such thing. I can talk to the person again but I don't think that person still deserves my time. I don't care if this is being mean or selfish or whatever you may want to call it.

Goodbyes are easier said than done. But goodbyes are good for people to stop loving each other because they love at the wrong place and wrong time.

Thanks for reading. Until my next post.

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