There is No Such Thing as Perfect

In my job, I could not tell whether this service that I am offering is perfect for everyone. Nor it does not assure everyone that the service given will definitely give them an easier life.

I don't believe in perfect. Most people that I knew tell me that I am a perfectionist which is really an opposite of me. Perfect is like an end. An end that you wouldn't be able to get a chance to grow and learn new things.

Just like my marketing career. If I would tell someone to buy this because this will be perfect for him, it is just the same thing as a fool for money. For if I would tell that to someone I am only after his or her money. It will not give me a chance to grow nor the product or service to improve.

If people are not perfect then how can we give perfection if the one making it is not perfect? I hope I make sense here, because me having this job is not perfect at all. I have ups and downs and it gives me sad times, bad times, and happy times.

I believe it is the circle of life that makes things go up and down. Some would like to stay on top but I prefer going up and down for it will be boring for me.

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