Engrave the words "I Love You" in my Heart

Most of the time, people say "I love you" to someone special. It can be a friend, your parents or siblings, to your child or children and to your girlfriend or boyfriend. But do we know what "I love you" mean?

It is an interesting phenomena when someone starts saying "I love you" it creates sincerity, belongingness and happiness. Although, if it is said between friends it is misinterpreted and lead to confusion then heartache. The only time the meaning of "I love you" is ambiguous is when it is addressed to the person with whom you are having a romantic relationship.

Most people know what they think of "I love you" is the same thinking or meaning to the other, and this is what causes confusion. They assume that everyone else means the same thing they do, which may or may not be the case, but the assumption breeds certain expectations. In fact, "I love you" may mean just: I care about you very much; or it may mean: I want to spend the rest of my life with you; or, I'd like to know that you're available when I need you; or, I want to make love to you; or, I want to, if not own you, at least have an option on you; or any gradation in between, so what you say after you've said "I love you" is to explain what you mean by it. It doesn't matter what your particular definition is as long as both of you understand and agree upon it. The assumption that you know what other people mean when they say I love you is the major cause of heart burnings and misunderstandings in love relationships. If the other person doesn't act according to the assumptions you have as to the meaning of what was said, you feel betrayed.

Sometimes at the beginning of a relationship everything seems to be going quite well. The terms of the contract are tacitly agreed upon, the role models of girlfriends and boyfriends are close enough so that little or no conflict over them develops. Unluckily, despite what romance says, there are no relationship made in heaven, and all people change as they grow and mature. Something that is very appropriate for two people in their twenties may be absolutely impossible for the same two people at the age of thirty-five. The covenant (if in the case of marriage) may remain, but the contract needs to be renegotiated.

Personally, I like the way it was described by WikiHow.

Although many people use this powerful phrase loosely, there are times when you want to say "I love you" in a meaningful way. Whether you're professing your love to a romantic partner or expressing it to a relative or friend, it can be difficult to convey how much they really mean to you. Love reflects the intensity of how you feel. But by keeping the following suggestions in mind, hopefully your love will not only be understood, but it will also be welcomed and returned.

Here's a note for someone:

I loved you for who you are. There maybe times that we committed mistakes against each other, I have forgiven and you have forgiven me. For such time that I discover a hidden secret. You don't call it secret for you said you have told me about it. A story that was not clear to me. My heart says, I DON'T CARE.

I didn't ask the last time only because I don't want you to feel you are being manipulated and I strongly believed you need to do some of the things on your own for you to change for the better. I know that it can be the risk if I let you do things on your own. My fear is if the time will come that you will realize you can actually live in this world without me. But if that time comes and you decide to quit, I would let you go. You said that if you are not fighting for it, it is not worth having it. Letting you go is not giving up the fight. I have engraved the words "I love you" in my heart and it is only waiting for you to reply back........But, if it will keep on waiting it will fade in time.

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