My Version of the Jerry Maguire Movie

I love him.

I do! I love him,
and I don't care what you think.

I love him for the man he wants
to be, and for the man he almost is.

I love him, Laurel. I love him .
-Dorothy Boyd

Do you love her...?
Don't tell me you don't know.
-(Jerry Maguire's friend)

I don't want her to go.
We've been hanging out a lot.
-(Jerry Maguire)

That's bullshit!
You've got to be fair to her.

She loves you. If you don't
love her, you've got to tell her
-(Jerry Maguire's friend)

What if we stay together?
What if we got married?
Would you stay?

-(Jerry Maguire)

No, don't do that. Don't say that.
Well... say it if you want to.
-Dorothy Boyd
Will you marry me?
-(Jerry Maguire)

Laurel! We're getting married.
-Dorothy Boyd
Loyalty... she was loyal.

Everything... grew from there.

It just... grew from there.
-(Jerry Maguire)

I jumped at your proposal
when it was still just hypothetical.

I did this, and at least
I can do something about it now.
-Dorothy Boyd

Although in the real movie of Jerry Maguire, they both end up together but with my story, we don't and we can't possibly be back with each other.

I can say I did everything to get even. I've read stories on how to turn things bad for someone who broke your heart. I know I should be hating the enemy. And these season, the holidays, birthdays coming up which I think are special, the supposed to be wedding day. Yes, men are enemies. But I have a confession to make. I love the enemy. So I would say I should just let it be.

I have to move on, I know that. I have to find someone who will tell me, I complete his life.

This will be my last post of being an "EMO" this month. I will be posting pictures that depicts my agony instead. I think I have said enough. I'll post poems, songs and anything I can find. I'll make my own designs for this feeling. I am sorry I like writing it down and since nobody in the physical world would listen to me, the internet is now my listener.

Thank you for reading.

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