My Adsense is Working

I have been blogging since mid of last year. Then following some people's advices, I signed up for Google Adsense. I didn't know what to do then, so I kept on earning 0.00$ every month. Frustrated but I got the never-give-up attitude and slowly some 0.01$ coming in. A little happy with the progress.

I kept on blogging and I was even tagged as a stalker by someone who is popular but I am not sure whether it was him or not.

I got excited with the "How much is your blog worth?" by Dane Carlson because I didn't expect that for some newbie like me. I got more excited when I knew that my friend's blog is worth nothing and he has been blogging for years now. I was laughing when this other person thinks my blog was useless and hers was no worth at all. Isn't it funny.

Don't laugh at my nonsense stories. I know this is nothing compared to all you top bloggers out there. Actually, this has been a remarkable situation for me, to be able to find out that I was actually doing good at something. I thought social networking is not my thing. And that I am only good at changing friendster profile. I tried to blog my thoughts through the network's blog but I was not happy at how it ended. Some people got mad at my posts. Like I said I am the never-give-up person so I tried again.

If I would do good on this till June 2008, I'd probably buy my own site. Working on how it will look but it is still inside my projects folder.

Now my Adsense is working for me. I don't want to reveal it yet but I know sooner I will get the first check. I am not like you who are now receiving checks and most probably not that excited to get that check. Well, I am very excited and at least I can say something to myself now. And I can do something about my new hobby.

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