Month Love: Long Distance Relationship

I personally was in a long distance relationship and it was a great experience. Here are some that I have learned when I was in that relationship.

I'll go to the moon for you

For a couple who has been together for like months only, the feeling of getting to spend an hour with your girlfriend is like the only rush thing to do. I, for one, would like to spend an evening with my guy but he live thousand miles away from me. The first year is full of enthusiasm. I want him to spend every moment of the day with him. He talks about coming over. I ask, what if I don't show up, he would say, I'll find you. Sweet talks, sweet words and sweet smiles always kept your heart melting. This is the time that you both feel there is nothing on earth but only the two of you.

How do you define the long distance relationship?

First, I would definitely say, acknowledge the very fact that him coming over is not that easy and it needs money. Even if there is enough to buy tickets, don't ever let him come unless there is more than enough. Why? Because both of you will never enjoy the days together without money. Come on, be practical.

Second, list down what are the things needed to be able to continuously communicate with one another.

Third, understand the other side if there will be things that he or she can not do or could not buy for the moment. Especially when girl wants guy to buy camera, or new gadgets that makes distance so near.

Fourth, and the very most important of all, TRUST your partner.

Remaining faithfully yours, my love

If anyone who will get into this kind of relationship, you have to know that there can be something that will happen in between. It can either break or make the relationship stronger. Do not restrict your partner to go out. I, again, would be jealous if he went out with friends because I know he can meet someone in there.

The biggest thing to conquer is the absence of physical contact. It is dreading to think about this fact.

Let fate take its course

Be happy for the moment that there is someone out there loving you. But always stay true, if you found someone tell your partner but if you are into something big and you are sure it will hurt your lover, tell him or her too.

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