Falling in Love with a Married Men

Darn! That must hurt a lot.

Of course, it will definitely hurt. WTF!

With my side, I don't have the authority to judge those who were not able to check their guys to be married or not. It is a simple answer to the question why, because when you love someone you assumed he was honest to you. That's what love is.

"My last relationship was great. Almost four years and it has to end because I found out he was married." - Anonymous

I can't blame you Ms. Anonymous. But don't regret what happened because you got to be true, you've learned something from the experience.

"He said he won't cheat. How am I supposed to believe him when he already cheated at his wife now." - Sheilah

Good for you to know that. Don't linger on it for it will be no use to you. It'll hurt more if you'll keep on remembering his promises to you.

I say, move on. Every one of us, girls, are beautiful and there is someone out there who deserves more of our love and whom we deserve as well. Will respect us and love us and care for us. Men are men, no doubt about it. There is no such thing as men are the same. Well almost everyone are doing the same thing, cheating or not cheating, because they feel that they are men when they do that. Whatever men are doing or have done, girls can't make it right for their men nor bring back the past and redo everything. Us, girls, have to accept that it happened and feel the hurt and wallow but don't make our world stop only because we fell in love with the wrong guy.


Lolobaby said...

I fell in love on the internet with a married man. He played me like a piano, broke my heart and my wallet.

Hunee's Blog said...

You are not the only one. Sorry to hear your story. Some people say married men cheated on their wives because they need more fun to be able to sustain their marriage. You know, marriage is so much fun during the 2-4 years then fun goes down, then they look for a temporary proxy.

I just ended a relationship with a married men and I didn't know he was married.

It may not just happened to us girls but with the opposite sex too. Some men out there are being used just for money. It is just so sad that we were victims.

I hope falling for someone who is married will not happen again.

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