My Type of Music

BatangYagit tagged me on this game. It took me a little longer to do the post, and finally I have my list of songs.

The meme goes this way

Take a screen shot of either your Top 25 Most Played / 25 Recently Played / Top Rated songs on your music device.

2. Post them on your blog and explain yourself.

3. Copy these instructions and tag 6 audiophiles to do the same thing.

So here is my response to that meme.

I love acoustic more than anything else. Of course, love songs are there to remind me of pain and happiness. Really, the sole purpose of love songs is to think about what had happened and then sleep soundly. Old music like Katie Irving, my all time favorite.

All of the songs I listen to right now are from Jack Johnson. He's just cute and I like listening to him, makes me relax. Feels like I am always at the beach making banana pancakes.

So to end this, I'm tagging Dulce, Jim, Chattee, Langz, Juliana, and Ate Michelle.

1 comment:

My World said...

thanks for the tag hunnee, but this stay at home wife, is not an owner of an iPod. I am home most of the time, so Ijust rely on my good old reliable Bose system for music. napag-iwanan ako, and don't laugh kasi I don't even know how an iPod works. alam ko lang u can store and download music on it.

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